Single Shots

You have reached the home of all of the individual spots that are unique to themselves and have not as of yet been placed into a collection. Due to time constraints, only so many can make it to the main commercial demo and these are so good I would not want you to miss them, should you be so inclined to listen.

Take your time and hear the sizzling of a good burger at Burger King and a stiff Jack Daniels afterward, but be sure not to drink and drive; or text and drive for that matter!

Drive your Polaris to the Redwood country and take a vacation, break out your fishing rod and be sure to visit the US Fish and Wildlife service, there are hundreds of locations across the United States.

Be sure to wear some sturdy Wrangler jeans and keep an eye out for the yodeling cowboy, he’s been known to frequent these parts!

Happy listening!