Political Voice Over

In politics anything can happen…overnight. The voiceover ad you were going to run today just changed due to unforeseen circumstances domestic or internationally; what do you do? How do you quickly change your political voice over? Do you go through an ad agency that takes days to change your copy? Would you be happy to have a voice actor doing your ads who can respond immediately to change a sentence, a paragraph or record a whole new spot?

I am a conservative political voice actor born in Memphis, Tennessee. I understand the values of our founding fathers and I can bring my native southern accent to bear in the copy or I can also have a neutral accent if that is what is preferred. I am passionate about our country and it shows in my voice acting.

Let’s work together and keep up with the changing politic landscape as it happens. The one who responds first with a current, up to the moment voice over has the best chance to control the narrative!